Dental Implants

  • "Dr. McGinnis made a sincere effort to make my teeth implant procedure a positive experience. He would not accept anything but perfection in fitting and color. Dr. McGinnis and his entire staff were very encouraging." - Kathy 





Procedure Details

  • "I have been very pleased on every occasion with every procedure and with every person. All staff are very well trained and the courtesy is so good I almost hate to leave the dentist office - can you believe that." - Mel.
  • "I have been a patient for 16 years. The whole staff is friendly and warm. The equipment is so new for making the tooth. The procedure was done in one sitting. I was so happy!! It looks better than my original tooth! I can get in the same day if needed. Also, I turned 65 this year and now get a discount. Love that!!" - Anonymous
  • "I had a crown applied to a broken tooth today. It was a great experience. I have quite a few crowns and this was the easiest crown ever! There was no impression required, all measurements were electronically done and the crown was fitted almost immediately. The time in the office was approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The office is very efficient and not needing an impression and a 3 week wait for delivery was wonderful. The crown is Perfect! I would absolutely recommend this practice to all my friends." - J.N.




New Patient

  • "Hi!  I just got home from my first appointment with Woodbine Family Dentistry and wanted to tell you all what a wonderful experience I had.  I had my 9 month old son with me and everyone was so sweet and accommodating with my infant in tow.  Your staff is absolutely wonderful - from front desk, to Dental Hygienists (I met quite a few of them as several of them were helping me with my son!), the insurance coordinator and Dr. Hines.  I appreciate everything you all did to make my first dental appointment great.  Thank you all!" - Kate




New Partial

  • "Excellent - very professional dentist and staff. The quality of work and professionalism is excellent, and the staff is very friendly and cordial." - R. W. C.




X-Rays & Irrigation

  • "Dr. McGinnis explains everything and makes sure we are always comfortable during any procedure. He is so personable and understanding we feel like he is part of our family. Because we have moved to many times to Mike's work, most of our other dentists have been average and we have had unpleasant experiences. Though going to the dentist is not always a pleasure, we have enjoyed seeing Dr. McGinnis as he is always professional, kind and caring." - Candy and Mike

General Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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